Customer Experience Specialist

Doreen is our Customer Experience Specialist, and brings a strong background in Marketing and Communications to our team. Relationships are what forge the DNA of any business, and understanding the needs and desires of each customer is key to being service minded. Doreen believes in honesty, integrity and is pleased to be a part of your journey to home ownership.

What clients are saying...


"Having Harold Hagen assist me in the process of purchasing my first home couldn't have been a better experience! Harold is an extremely attentive and knowledgeable mortgage professional. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service I received!"

Natalie P

"I recently purchased a home and I asked Harold to assist with lining up the mortgage. Harold was recommended by a friend of mine who had just secured a mortgage and was happy with Harold's service. This was not my first mortgage, and I had a much better experience this time working with Harold. Harold was able to check off all the boxes. He was quick to respond, able to find me competitive rates, and was great about answering questions. Harold quickly earned my trust with the way he conducted business. He was very accessible, direct, took time to explain important nuances, and proved very helpful since our application was not 100% straightforward. With Harold there were no surprises and he fulfilled everything that I needed and expected. I would not hesitate to recommend Harold for anyone seeking a mortgage."


"We knew Harold on a personal basis first and as a result, learned about his work. Based on our connection, we made the choice to hire him to assist with our mortgage. While this is not our first home, it's our first mortgage. Some of the details about our mortgage approval were unique, and we needed the experience of someone like Harold to ensure a smooth process with the bank. Going into this we already had a high level of trust with Harold, and during the process of securing our mortgage, Harold maintained that trust. We appreciated the way he approached the assessment of mortgage options, made it easy to assemble all the required documentation, and viewed the details from our perspective. He's a great communicator and brought a high level of professionalism, responsiveness, and capability to our experience. We would definitely recommend Harold to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage."

Bill and Mare

"We met Harold through a friend who had a great experience working with him. This was our first home purchase and it truly went easier than we expected. The process of scanning and uploading the documents was so easy and convenient. Our meetings were online which meant we could connect with Harold from our home. Since our friend introduced us to Harold we had a solid sense of trust from the beginning. He smiled continuously even through all our questions, which were many! Harold was always available when we needed him and demonstrated patience with us which helped, seeing as this was our first time to get a mortgage. We are very happy with the low interest rate he helped us obtain. Becoming home owners was an important milestone for us. We are so happy to be in our home and enjoying our back yard. We would recommend Harold to anyone looking to purchase their home"

Hanie & Hamed

"We have worked with Harold twice now. For our first home purchase we did a lot of shopping around and talking to banks. Harold was recommended by our realtor and we quickly came to know Harold well by working with him. Our second home purchase was a private deal and completely different. We naturally wanted to work with Harold again. In this purchase process Harold went above and beyond. He was always professional. He asks a lot of questions, which in turn helped teach us things like rate is not the only important factor. Mortgage terms are equally important. Harold was always able to meet our deadlines and we felt secure in that no important details would slip through the cracks. We enjoyed the convenience and security of the document uploads. If you're looking for help with your next mortgage, we highly recommend Harold for his knowledge, patience and sharing details in a language we could understand."

E & K

"We met Harold through a professional networking group. His warm and caring personality, as well as his professionalism stood out to us consistently. When the time came to secure our mortgage, Harold was a natural choice. We found his process to be seamless and convenient, from uploading documents, to providing electronic signatures, it was all quite efficient. An awesome communicator, Harold connected with us every 48 hours or so, to provide updates and to stay in touch. Harold's attention to detail is second to none. He anticipated our questions and spoke to them before we even had to ask. He was entirely proactive. He worked very hard on our behalf, in fact, going over and above to obtain two offers in order to give us the best possible rate. Harold is a joy to deal with. Would I recommend him? Certainly. If he can't get you a mortgage, I doubt anyone can. He had the expertise we needed and personal touch we appreciated."

Moji & Dele

"A friend of ours referred us to Harold. We’re not first time home buyers and it’s been quite a while since our first purchase. At that time we just trusted the information we were getting and we didn’t ask questions or learn much. Some of the process this time around was the same as our first purchase, but working with a mortgage broker is better than just dealing with a bank. With Harold by our side, we felt more motivated and empowered to ask questions and learn so much more and this helped us build confidence in what we were doing. Harold made us comfortable by his diligence in communication, his touching base and his level of knowledge. He was a great resource to have going to bat for us when our lending arrangement needed special details to be approved. Our experience was speedy at first, then we experienced some delays, but Harold was with us the whole way- helping us keep on top of the progress and to stay positive during the waiting. We would definitely recommend trusting your next mortgage details to Harold."

Janet & Dustin

"We met Harold because he was referred to us by our financial advisor. We were looking to purchase a home for a family member. It had been many years since we obtained our own mortgage, so we were unsure what to expect. This time around, getting a mortgage was a much different experience. So much has changed in the last couple decades since we bought our home. Harold was very patient with us. Harold seemed straight up and honest with us and it came down to the wire. We have a really good credit score but had a challenge getting our mortgage. Qualifying for a mortgage is not the same as it used to be. Harold worked at it and found a lender whose conditions matched with what we wanted. In the end we got the property we wanted, for the rate we were happy with too. Harold easily earned our trust and helped us get what we wanted. We would highly recommend him for anyone else seeking to purchase real estate."

Sherry & Dave

"I met Harold through a friend who's a realtor. After a separation I was faced with either moving and starting over, or taking out financing on the home I was currently living in. Either way it was a challenge for me to walk through as I started a new chapter. I was looking to do a first time finance arrangement. As a single, there's a lot to submit and truthfully, prove from a financial perspective, plus there were things to navigate that I didn't understand. Harold was kind and patient, calm and reassuring. I did not dive head first into this process, I took my time. Harold was content to wait until I needed his services. He listened to determine what I needed, and not only did he secure me a great payment and interest rate, but in the time I took to completely move forward, he was able to secure me an even better rate than initially quoted. I'd have to say Harold's handling of my mortgage was so smooth it helped restore my faith in humanity."


"We knew Harold through the owner of the property we were renting. When that home was put on the market, we ended up looking for a home. We naturally reached out to Harold to represent us. Although we have purchased real estate before, this was the first time using a mortgage broker. In fact, we discovered the true benefit of a mortgage broker is that they shop the market and advocate for you, finding the best lender and rate. Harold dealt with us honestly, fairly and with forthright information. He demonstrated integrity and communicated every step of the way, so we always knew where we stood. He was thorough and went about the entire process in such a way that we never felt pressured one way or another. He simply guided us based on his knowledge and we appreciated the opportunity to benefit from his experience. Our situation was unique and Harold knew which lenders would be a good fit for us. Due to a change of banks, the due diligence of our paperwork was something else! Harold stuck with us and helped us see it through. There are some parts of the process that require some work, and Harold was by our side, as our agent in the true sense of the word. Harold approached our application to purchase with a respectful, non-judgemental attitude. We would highly recommend Harold to anyone looking to make the biggest purchase of their life. He was effective in obtaining us a great interest rate, and he also sincerely appreciated our business."

Dave, Joanne & Adam

"Our daughter wanted to become a homeowner, but to navigate this purchase, she needed some assistance. I knew Harold from some previous professional collaborations, and had already decided, should I ever be in a position to purchase a home again, that I would definitely work with Harold. Harold is an expert communicator, and he dedicates himself to customer service with kindness and clarity. There's no pressure or selling when you deal with Harold. He is sincere, he is interested in people and their happiness, and he comes from a place of confidence and experience. This process was new for us and our daughter, and we ended up with a rate and overall end result that we wanted. I remember working with the banks on our own before and found the process quite stressful. There was actually none of that with Harold. We made a good choice on the home and the broker who helped us secure our mortgage. If you want to experience the human element in your next mortgage process, work with Harold."


"Thank you so much for all your care, attention to details and hard work. The pre approval process really help make our first time home purchase a breeze!"

Mike Brown

"Harold was referred to me by a co-worker who had been happy with his services. We went to Harold for our 5-year mortgage renewal. We were unsure about which lender to deal with and had a number of questions, which Harold was very quick to respond to. He arranged his schedule around our times available and this showed us that he is totally all in for his clients. Harold was easy to trust because he answered all our questions. I would recommend him to help anyone with their mortgage or renewal."


"When the lockdown happened this year, we got motivated and saved up our downpayment. This was our first real estate purchase and actually our realtor referred us to Harold. Harold has a great down to earth attitude, is unpretentious and has a kind demeanor. He was very respectful too, not assuming we knew more than we did about the process. He walked us through what we needed to know. Harold replied to our emails quickly and was supportive all the way through. There was a uniqueness about our location that limited our lenders to two, so Harold made sure we got the best rate possible. Securing our mortgage was a smooth process and we are thankful for Harold. We recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage."

Kate and Colin

"I would just like to personally thank you in regards to our latest mortgage renewal, you made the entire process smooth and painless. We will definitely be using your services again."


"I came to know Harold through attending the same community races. I saw he was a warm, caring person with lots of fun energy that drew other people to him. This summer I was planning to make my first home purchase as a single mother and I knew I wanted to work with someone trustworthy, who could also make the experience less stressful. I discovered that not only did Harold help negotiate an interest rate better than I expected, he really cared about my financial situation and goals. He was honest about potential pitfalls and never made me feel like he was out to sell me or look out for himself. Being in my new home is the best feeling for myself and my family. I believe I made the right choice by trusting Harold with one of the biggest purchases of my life. If you're looking for a mortgage broker who genuinely cares about people, gets excited for them, has exceptional technical skills and is pleasant to work with, choose Harold Hagen."


"My employer had a good experience with Harold's services and recommended him to me for my mortgage refinancing. The process was definitely easier than the initial mortgage, even considering that this time I was dealing with a different lender. It's easy to trust Harold because it's clear he is very knowledgable and does his job with integrity He's a straight shooter and easy to reach. The process was a bit nerve-wracking at times but Harold helped me manage pretty much pain-free. I would easily recommend Harold for your mortgage financing."


"Excellent 'service' and attention to detail. You walked us through everything so there were no surprises at all. Highly recommended for sure!"

Karen & Jeff

"I would just like to personally thank you in regards to our latest mortgage renewal, you made the entire process smooth and painless. We will definitely be using your services again. Thanks for all your help."


"Initially Harold was referred to David by a friend of his, and the real estate purchase at that time was a condo. Fast forward three years and David and I made the move to purchase a duplex. The choice for a mortgage professional was easy, we went to Harold. He is one of the most considerate professionals we have ever worked with. He was careful at how he explained the information to us - providing good advice without it ever being pushy. He really comes across as sincere and took time to get to know us. This made us really feel he cares about his clients. David is in the financial industry and has a higher understanding than I do. We appreciated that Harold respected this and would adapt his information delivery to meet our needs in this specific way. He also helped us get the financial option that worked the best for us. In addition to his soft sales skills, Harold was amazing at going to bat for us. We have moved into our new home and are grateful for this experience. We recommend Harold for your mortgage arrangements."

Meagan and David

"As new homebuyers our process was both unique and complicated. Our downpayment was coming from more than one source and this created some challenges with lenders. Harold found us a lender that could take this in stride and worked with us. While the process overall to purchase a home was more complex than I thought, it went better than expected. Harold exceeded our expectations. He cushioned every detail and situation that needed to be managed and this confirmed that we were in good hands. Harold is a great communicator in that he responds quickly, making us definitely feel like we were being 'walked beside.' He made himself available to us, which was helpful and made it easy to trust him. We love our new bilevel split and would recommend Harold to anyone needing a mortgage."

Jenna & Mike

"Harold was recommended to us by a realtor we trusted. We liked that he had a 5 star excellence & personability rating as well. We are not first time home buyers, however this was the first time we chose to engage a mortgage broker. Harold earned our trust in many ways. The very nature of what we were trying to achieve dictated that we had a lot of unique details to cover and we really needed to make the right financial decisions. It was easy to see how professional and experienced Harold was and his knowledge made us comfortable in trusting him. It was important to feel like we had the right person handling our agreement and his communication style was great. As it turned out it was very strategic for us to have worked with Harold and we benefitted from his ability to work with the bank. In addition to finalizing our mortgage, Harold was able to speak from his own experience and provide us with some other valuable tips. We would highly recommend Harold to anyone going through a mortgage transaction whether it’s a home purchase or mortgage renewal."

Melanie & Jeff

"It was important to us as first-time home buyers to be able to work with someone who we could trust. Harold earned our trust quickly and in several ways: how he communicated and how capable he was to troubleshoot on the fly. He was consistently polite, kind and never made any judgements or assumptions. While the home buying process did have more details to navigate than we expected, we had a great resource in Harold on our side. He was very accommodating and we recommend him as an excellent mortgage broker."

Megan & Merwan

"I became acquainted with Harold through business and he came highly recommended. I decided to trust the referral I was given and I’m so glad we did. Our situation was unique and we really were looking to Harold for the whole nine yards of information. We were new to the home buying process. He was patient and specifically took the time to go through the important information step by step. Getting the right financial information can make the difference in the decisions you take as well, and we felt Harold was a professional we could trust. He knew we didn’t know anything coming in to the process. He made things clear and all the expectations were discussed. I can’t think of even one more thing Harold could have done to make our purchase a smoother process. He did everything he could for us, He followed through 100% plus with every detail and we can’t thank him enough for how he helped us navigate the financing process. We were all under pressure because of a tight turnaround time, but together we nailed it. I am very pleased to recommend Harold to anyone."

Arti & Sandeep

"Harold genuinely cares about his clients and does the research required to ensure his information is factual and correct. He conducts himself in a very professional manner and is accurate and concise in his communications. Harold is organized and proactive and quickly earns your trust. If you know of anyone looking for a mortgage, I would highly recommend Harold Hagen!"


"After coming through some challenging times we had the opportunity to secure a mortgage. We had endured these tough times partly because of some sub par advice. You could say we were very cautious about seeking advice. Harold was highly recommended, so we sought his expertise. The advice we were given put us in a mindset that we were once again in control of our finances and directing our financial future. Harold helped us put the pieces together, and was very helpful; working within our budget. He was an excellent communicator and easy to trust. We're glad to have met him and he had our best interest at heart."


"I purchased a home this summer and worked with Harold Hagen, who was referred by my realtor. I knew Harold from a few years ago, because I purchased a home at that time and Harold assisted me with that mortgage. Being a repeat customer has it's advantages. I already knew and trusted Harold, yet he circumstances between both home purchases were quite different. Last time I was employed by a company, this time I am self-employed and therefore the documentation is quite different. I have found Harold met my expectations in terms of both timing and communication. Also, his information delivery was excellent. I would definitely recommend Harold to others, especially because of his integrity and patience. He didn't push us to a higher transaction. He simply stated what we could afford based on our income. I like that he is not pushy and was content to work with our timing. Harold is extremely honest and provides fantastic customer service. He is very pleasant to work with and I hope he can help you as well."


"I was searching Mortgage brokers online when I discovered Harold's service and after reading his reviews, was comfortable reaching out to him. We wanted to buy a home and hadn't even started looking at properties, but wanted good advice before starting the process. We were first-time home buyers looking to secure a mortgage on one income. Harold earned our trust quickly by his prompt responses and consistent follow through. He introduced us to a realtor, reviewed our budgeting and led us each step of the way to be successful in the financing - always assisting but never pushing. What made the process so much easier was Harold's ability to be clear and concise in how he unpacks all the information. He happily worked within our terms and there were no surprises. When you come across someone who provides excellent service you see and feel the difference through their follow-thru and genuine personality. Harold excels at customer service and we would recommend him to anyone looking to take out a mortgage."

Tara & Tom

"What a pleasure as always working with Harold Hagen!! I have referred him to friends, and he has been a shining star! He pulls magic out of a hat, yet does so due to his professional rapport with lenders! Bravo have gone above and beyond with your knowledge in the field and your professionalism in the industry!!!"


"It can be stressful when someone is looking for a mortgage, and adding to that a competent mortgage broker, all enough to create unnecessary anxiety. It's for that reason why I refer people to Harold Hagen. If you are a first time home buyer, you will want someone that has a policy of not saying NO, and instead will find a way to say YES - that's what Harold has done for us. Thank you Harold for being that trusted advisor that puts the clients needs first. Your access to a variety of lenders have come in handy many times. If you are a first time home buyer or life changes calls for refinancing, Harold is your guy!"


"As we were referred to Harold for advice and guidance with the mortgage refinancing of the family home, we could not have been more pleased with the support received overall. Harold quickly earned our trust; he was very forthcoming with information and provided the professionalism and expertise we could rely on. Harold was very easy to communicate with and very accommodating. The process was overwhelming at times, and knowing we were in good hands we were very confident as we were guided through each step to right solution. I would absolutely recommend Harold for his expertise, and the service he offers in providing support to meet financing needs."


"I initially met Harold five years ago when he helped me arrange my mortgage. He was recommended by my realtor. I needed Harold again this year when my mortgage was up for renewal and I had to switch lenders. As a single parent, I encountered some upfront challenges with the process to obtain my first mortgage. Harold earned my trust by really going above and beyond, offering strategic financial guidance around credit, downpayments and more. I can honestly say that helped steer me on the right path to homeowner success. I feel it's crucial for a mortgage broker to be focused on the customer and targeting their attention and advice on helping you meet those goals. Harold has always been responsive to my questions, providing detailed answers in a timely fashion. I would recommend Harold to anyone seeking a new mortgage or renewal. His customer service skills are exemplary."


"What an experience and what a Mortgage broker! I can only say how thankful we are. Great job!"


"I just want to say thanks. From the first phone call to the end of the process you made things seem easy. Thanks again for everything."


"Fabulous service from a great and knowledgeable Mortgage professional. Glad we decided to go with you versus the banks. Thanks again!"

Jim and Deb

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