Exceeding Expectations

Markets Served: Calgary, Red Deer, Okotoks, Airdrie, Alberta, British Columbia

As a Mortgage Broker with Verico MyMortgage.ca Inc, Harold is committed to the financial success of his clients by developing a relationship based on confidence, integrity and a commitment to get the job done right every time. He focuses on strategic analysis, effective communication and value-based education to support their vision of home ownership!

Harold loves challenging himself both mentally and physically by participating in Ultra Trail Running competitions. His accomplishments include running various distances including 42.2km road marathons, as well as 50km, 100km and 100Mile Mountain races. His toughest challenge to date was the Bryce Canyon 100Mile Ultra race in Utah. “We all possesses more potential inside than we realize. Each race gives me a closer glimpse into my true potential, and each race makes me a better human being”.

Harold approaches helping his clients with the same conviction and drive as he displays in his races; commitment, persistence, determination, never give up.  

Our Promise to You:

- Fully understand your needs and desires,

- Develop and execute a solid plan of action,

- Provide clarity and accountability every step of the way,

- Deliver an exceptional service experience,

- Exceed expectations at every opportunity,

- Empower you to achieve your dreams of homeownership!



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